August Soap Challenge - The Dancing Funnel

This months challenge was for a technique called The Dancing Funnel.  It is necessary to have a batter that does not accelerate so that there will be plenty of time to make the design (in which squeeze bottles are used).  I decided to enter the soap that I used two colors instead of the batch I used 4 colors, as I let my circles get smaller and smaller as I got closer to the end with the 4-color batch. My recipe worked well; didn't accelerate or separate.  I used Tea Tree essential oil mixed with Moroccan Mint fragrance oil (both from Brambleberry).  For the blue I used "peacock" mica from Mad Oils and a mix of "tennis ball breaker" from Mad Oils and "Fizzy Lemonade" from Brambleberry for the yellow.  At the very end the soap batter was just thick enough to leave the circle raised a little bit.  I really liked that look, so I didn't plane them down too much.