December Soap Challenge - Straight Lines

The challenge this month was to learn to make straight lines in soap.  I used a come blue candy sticks as inspiration for my color pattern.  Part of what makes straight lines possible is to use a larger percentage of hard oils and a fragrance oil that accelerates trace.  I used 69% hard oils/31% soft oils, but didn't have a fragrance oil that accelerates trace (I had some bad experiences with some FO that accelerate when I was a newbie at soaping and have avoided them ever since). Because of that my soap layers took a very long time to set up; 45 minutes to an hour at least. This was a challenge that was a challenge! But I loved learning how to accomplish straight lines and am excited to use it in my future soap designs.  




               "Candy Stripes"       

           The finished product

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 6.00.25 PM.png

These are the candy sticks I used as inspiration for the design.


This is one of the practice loaves.   


The pink and white loaf before it was cut.  The lines looked so straight on the outside!