Winter Walkers

About this time of year a few outliers keep appearing.  It's not just their dark jackets against all the cold white that make them stand out so much.  What mostly catches the eye and impresses the heart is their persistence in venturing out into all sorts of mountain weather.


These hardy souls should be envied not pitied.  Always moving, they layer up and stay warm the old fashioned way using body heat.  Each day finds them trading the tee vee's babbling for real world sights and sounds, clearing their minds and keeping muscles young.  Ice, it turns out, can even be a good way to practice reflexes and balance.  It's the original exercise, the cheapest and most convenient.  It's also the least elite.  There's a reason walking was invented first. 


Sometimes when the wind is whipping the snow to Wyoming they may hesitate ever so briefly at the door.  Maybe they'll grab an old scarf before heading out.  But they'll find the resolve somehow.  They always do.  And when they come full circle back up the path, through the dooryard, and up the steps, the warm house glow is just a little more inviting once again.  Supper, whatever it is, will taste wicked good.

Winter 2011