Lambs were born during a two week period in April-May.  As we bred several ewes to an outside ram (solid black homozygous), we have more black lambs than usual this year.  All lambs are healthy and vaccinated.  Their diet is 100% organic pasture grass.  

Price for meat stock is $200 per lamb.  This includes the kill-cut-wrap fee, so it reflects the total cost.  Typically the buyer will contact the meatsmith to arrange sizes and cuts -- shoulder roasts, rack of lamb, leg of lamb, chops, ground lamb, etc.  Other components such as leaf lard, pelts for tanning, belly for bacon, livers, hearts, bones, and sausage casings are also available if arranged with the meatsmith.  There may be a small additional fee for these extras.  We anticipate using a butcher from Downey, Idaho this year.  In the past, our lambs have yielded about 35 pounds of meat by Thanksgiving time when they reach seven months old.  Sorry, we are not set up to ship meat.

Price for breeding stock is $400 per lamb.  This includes the first two sets of shots, registration papers, transfer of ownership, and vet check to ship across state lines.  If interested, we can provide more insightful commentary into the individual traits of lambs as they grow through the summer.  Due to the benefits of flock socialization, we usually like to keep them here until about August before moving them to new farms.            



Solid black ram lambs. Kono x Rolag (outside ram from Lingerfold). 

These ram lambs should carry spotted.






Brown spotted mouflan ram lamb. White ram lamb.

Leager x Mani.






Solid white ewe lamb. Solid black ewe lamb.

Leisel x Black Jack.






White ram lambs.

Ebony x Mani.






Black mouflon ewe lamb.

Neema x Rolag.






Brown spotted mouflon ram lamb. Black mouflon ram lamb.

Quizzy x Black Jack.






Black mouflon ewe lamb.

Silverlocks x Rolag.






White ram lamb.

Seeger x Rolag.





Solid brown ram lamb. Black mouflon ewe lamb.


Cora x Black Jack.






Solid black ram lamb. Solid black ewe lamb.

Carmela x Rolag.